Euro Stucco is qualifiet installer of the TerraNeo finish

TerraNeo contains natural quartz, minerals and mica, blended together in an acrylic polymer matrix. Applied to the wall by hand with a trowel, TerraNeo can be used inside and out and provides a durable, beautiful and affordably refreshing option for finishing Dryvit systems.

Terraneo Hamilton, ON, TerraNeo finish in Hamilton, ON

A premium, high-performance finish that's often taken for granite.
Utilizing raw materials and design input from literally all corners of the globe.

Unlike granite, TerraNeo comes without the weight, cost and extensive lead time. When used as a finish for a Dryvit exterior insulation and finish system, it's part of a cladding that can be up to 84% more energy efficient than 6 other commonly used wall systems*.